John Harbaugh

The winning-est coach in Ravens history, with a 147-95 career record, is John Harbaugh. Let's detail his career and possible replacements for him.

1. The glory years (2008-2012)

Harbaugh started his career as HC with a bang. The Harbaugh-Flacco tandem was regarded as one of the greatest at the time, with a playoff win every year, 3 conference championship games, and a SB win. If Lee Evans hadn't done a James Proche in 2011, that number would be 2. "January Joe" was Flacco's nickname, as he borke many records for playoffs wins in this part of his career. Unfortunately, it wouldn't last after the loss of Anquan Boldin and Ray Rice.

2. Depression (2013-2017)

During this period, Flacco had his 2 best regular seasons (2016 and 2014), but the Ravens only made the playoffs once, and Harbaugh rode the hot seat. Here was the first time people started saying that Harbaugh should be fired, but he wasn't, and that's where Lamar Jackson came to his rescue

3. The savior Lamar (2018-present)

During this period, Lamar Jackson joined the Ravens, and won tons of games. The one issue with Jackson, though, was that he seemed to lose his head during the playoffs, and the Ravens only won one playoff game during this time. The demise of coordinator Greg Roman has made many fans question Harbaugh, and I am one of them.

So who should replace him?

Here is a list of possible replacements:

Demeco Ryans, 49ers DC

Dan Quinn, Cowboys DC

Ben Johnson, Lions OC

Mike Macdonald, Ravens DC

Ken Dorsey, Bills OC

Kellen Moore, Cowboys OC

In the comments, please let me know more candidates, and who you like most

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