This game haunts me

The ball touched the hands of James Proche, Gus didn't get the play on 3rd and goal at the 2, Roman teabagged us in the last game, it seemed, but Tyler Huntley was about to overcome. His arm was showing power, he looked like a true NFL QB, I have been very negative about Huntley, but he convinced me a lot of things yesterday. He looked great. And yet Greg Roman and James Proche ruined the game, and we lost. Heartbreaking.

Warning: The following paragraph is about something that will haunt Ravens fans. PTSD is often suffered after reading

1. Greg Roman looked from the sidelines. Tyler just ran it well he thought. Even though Gus is right there, I think Tyler would do a better job, at the 2 of course. So Tyler ran it. And fumbled. and only Mark Andrews and Gus Edwards were even close to Sam Hubbard. So the Bengals led.

2. 4th and 20. Tyler was sprinting, with the pressure coming quickly. He saw 3 of his receivers against just 2 Bengals to his left. So he threw, and it was deflected by Demarcus Robinson, who did everything he could to catch it. But he couldn't. But WAIT!!! James Proche was behind, diving for the ball, an easy catch. And the ball clattered off his hands.

3. Even If Proche had caught that ball, that would still not be a victory for us. we would have to run a successful 2 point conversion or head to overtime. I would head to overtime, because we probably could have won there. This is a dejecting loss, but it really gave me hope in Tyler Huntley, and I think he can be the Ravens QB in the playoffs, because he played better yesterday than Lamar ever has in the playoffs. Good Job, Tyler and BOO Roman and Proche. Nice to see Roquan getting #3 back, won't it.

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