Coaching costs the Ravens a Win as Bengals move on!

I'm sure there will be some strong opposition to this article.

TWO MONTHS ago, I said the Bengal's would win the division and the Ravens would be one and done if they even were to get a WC.

So, all of it turns out to be spot on. The Ravens should have won that game and the defense played great.

HOW can you not give Dobbins and Edwards the ball on 1st and goal and allow Huntley to try and do a sneak putting the ball out there as a gift!

Dobbins didn't touch the ball in the 4th quarter. How can that happen? Once again, the OC costs the Ravens a win with his horrendous play calling!

So, on to next year. If the Ravens could get 2 1st rounders and a 2nd for Lamar, they should do it!!! It would make the team better and there are good options out there for a QB!

Many will attack at that thought but the reality is it would be the Best option for the Team!

So, the Ravens were the better team and still found a way to lose! Why is that.

Wink was the wrong coach to Fire, and you can look at the season as a whole and there is little doubt that this is absolutely accurate!

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