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Report: Cardinals will look to trade WR DeAndre Hopkins this offseason

Could the Ravens be in the market for DeAndre Hopkins

NFL: Tampa Bay Buccaneers at Arizona Cardinals Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

The Arizona Cardinals have commenced a cleaning of house that began with head coach Kliff Kingsbury and General Manager Steve Keim, and will continue with one of their most high profile offensive playmakers. Per NFL Insider Jordan Schultz, they’ll be looking to deal wide receiver Deandre Hopkins in a trade this coming offseason.

Despite issues with injuries and suspensions, Hopkins is still one of the more talented and technically sound wide receivers in the league, making this music to the ears of wide receiver needy teams across the NFL. One franchise that firmly falls into that camp is the Baltimore Ravens, who would be in dereliction of their duties to not at least pick up the phone and inquire on this.

There are difficult particulars to work out, such as Hopkins’ cap hits of $30.75 million and $26.215 million over the next two respective years, as well as trade compensation that the Cardinals (who acquired Hopkins for little more than a song back in 2020) will be comfortable taking. The Ravens lack of a second round pick, workable cap space, and long term deal for Lamar Jackson all seem to be working against their favor here.

In the parlance of Ozzie Newsome, Hopkins (as things stand) appears to be the right player, for the wrong price. There will be ample time to speculate on this though, as Baltimore still has a playoff run to attempt, and continued negotiations to work through with their quarterback in the coming months.