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Lamar Jackson admits to trolling jersey photoshops on Twitter

The star quarterback is more self-aware than given credit for

NFL: Washington Commanders at Baltimore Ravens Jessica Rapfogel-USA TODAY Sports

Baltimore Ravens star quarterback Lamar Jackson was interviewed on “The GoJo Show” and addressed some recent debauchery he’s put forth on Twitter.

Jackson explained that he likes to mess with the people on the internet who mess with him, and him liking photoshop pictures did exactly that. The fifth-year quarterback said of Baltimore, “This is a great organization, a very, very friendly organization. This is where I want to be at. I’ve tweeted it before.” Jackson is certainly aware of how closely the twitter-sphere hangs on his every tweet, like or retweet.

At the same time, Jackson knows when he needs to interject before the narrative of assumptions and speculation run too wild with his comments.

In the age of social media, Jackson is like many of the 25-year-olds his age. He uses it for quick laughs, the occasional news and to interact with those he holds close to him. He also enjoys trolling on occasion, but isn’t afraid to set the record straight.