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Why ‘Homegating’ is a great call for Ravens fans this season!

The three Cs of watching the game at home are comfort, casual, and collected.

New England Patriots Vs. Baltimore Ravens At M&T Bank Stadium Photo by Jim Davis/The Boston Globe via Getty Images

There are the boisterous, ravenous fans who want to flock with friends and enjoy the tailgate experience at the stadium. For those fans, look no further than our own Spencer Schultz’ comprehensive guide!

However, there are also those who know that it’s a great call to “homegate” and catch the game with equally as devoted fans but from the comfort and convenience of your own home. Well, Ravens Flock, join the conversation and hit up the comments on your best homegating calls!

Comfort, Casual, Collected

The three Cs of homegating.

There are few things better than waking up late on a Sunday morning, finalizing those fantasy football rosters, checking updates and doing so from the comfort of your home. Rather than rushing to get ready and go to the game, fight traffic and pay parking — you’re already in your comfort zone, literally.

It’s fun to dress up and get your gameday outfit prepped for the public eye, but from the comfort of your home, you can instead keep those casual sweatpants and jersey on without caring for the judgment that it’s 1 o’clock in the afternoon, or without worrying about what the weather is doing.

The chaos of heading to gamedays is an unnecessary evil. Where are the keys? Do you need that external battery for your phone? Traffic is a nightmare because you left five minutes late. Ugh, parking is going to be hell ... With homegating, it’s just about finding the remote and the right coaster for your drink.

Food & Drink

No matter a person’s finances, there is always consideration for an overpriced slice of pizza or draft beer. With homegating, there are no stadium prices.

The affinity I have for either a take-home Costco pizze OR the frozen Detroit style pizza combo’d with their air-fry worthy wings are a knockout. The amount of wings I consume over the course of a season is equal parts pride and part judgment.

For me, it’s a sober-style watch. I realized at 21 years old that I couldn’t write my best work after a couple adult beverages, so I stick with the soda, preferably caffeinated like Coca-Cola, and coffee.


The two-screen combo is unmatched. Ravens game on the primary screen and RedZone on the other. I’m also navigating the PC and phone, tweeting from both throughout the game.

What do say you, Ravens Flock? What am I missing? What great call am I missing from the perfect “homegate?” Make sure to share your comments below.

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