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Reacts Results: Ravens fans have high expectations for rookie Isaiah Likely

The results are in!

Baltimore Ravens v Arizona Cardinals Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images

On Wednesday, Baltimore Ravens fans were posed the question, “Which rookie will have the greatest impact this season?”

There were many to choose from, seeing as the Ravens drafted 11 players in the 2022 NFL draft, kept 10 on the 53-man roster and undrafted linebacker Josh Ross earned a spot among the 53. But, with five options, the poll was split into four players, and “other.”

Surprisingly—or not so surprisingly, the rookie who made waves all training camp and preseason, tight end Isaiah Likely, earned the majority of votes.

Kyle Thele

Also, who says fans don’t care about offensive linemen? The second-largest vote-getter among the group is center Tyler Linderbaum! I applaud you, Ravens fans.

In third, safety Kyle Hamilton commanded 11-percent of the vote. I think some fans are low on Hamilton as he’s being rotated into the Ravens’ defensive system with Marcus Williams and Chuck Clark ahead of him. That said, I wouldn’t say it’s a knock on Hamilton so much as a demonstration of the hype surrounding Likely. After all, Likely caught eight passes for 100 yards and a touchdown on 15 snaps...

I’m a bit surprised the field didn’t receive a larger percentage, but with defensive tackle Travis Jones sidelined to begin the season and maybe an oversight about punter Jordan Stout, it makes sense. Nonetheless, there’s a lot to be excited about and the rookie class is coming on strong.