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Lamar Jackson wins AFC Offensive Player of the Month

Add another trophy to Jackson’s ever-growing case

Syndication: USA TODAY Bob Breidenbach / USA TODAY NETWORK

For the second time in his young career, Ravens quarterback Lamar Jackson has won AFC Offensive Player of the Month.

Through the first three weeks, Jackson is on a tear greater than his MVP season. He’s 56-of-88 (63.63% comp) for 749 yards and leads the league in passing touchdowns (10) and quarterback rating (119.0). Jackson’s done nothing but carve up defenses through three weeks—especially when defenses are sending an extra man to get him.

Jackson also has added 243 rushing yards and two touchdowns on the ground, and leads the league in yards per carry.

Putting it into fantasy football context: Lamar Jackson is the No. 1 scoring player through three weeks. Take out his rushing stats and he’s still the No. 5 scoring player. He’s the No. 11 RB while also being the No. 1 quarterback.

The last time Jackson won AFC Offensive Player of the Month was November 2019. Jackson’s four-game stretch was something to behold.

Jackson threw 64-of-84 (76.19% comp) for 777 yards and 13 touchdowns and zero interceptions. His quarterback rating was an astounding 143.7! As if it wasn’t enough, he added another 41 carries for 300 yards and three touchdowns. The only thing keeping Jackson from doing more damage that season was him being pulled in the fourth quarter in numerous games.

We’re seeing Jackson approach and possibly surpass the level of domination once witness three seasons ago. It’s going to be a wild ride.