The Ravens Defense really let the team down today.

It shows you that they need more help on the D-line and for the Secondary to get some people back!

Hopefully Williams does Not have a serious injury or that will be a Big Blow for this team.

To have a 3 TD lead and lose it at home just shows the Ravens are NOT READY for teams like KC, Chargers, Cincy and even the Titans or Raiders!

If the Ravens do Not make any moves on their Defense, they will Not compete when it really matters and will Not make any kind of run in the Playoffs!

On the closing you just cannot Fumble on the Goal line like they did today!

So, I'm sure I will get some strong responses but we will see as the season goes on if I'm right or Not!

We desperately need Dobbins and Edwards back.

The Biggest thing I do not get, and this happened several times on 4th down and that is Running Lamar up the middle instead of getting him outside with a pass option! That is the Dolphins strength and several times we failed on 4th downs running right up the middle! Makes No sense at all!!!

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