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Ravens vs. Dolphins final: Report Card, Grades

A collapse for the ages

Miami Dolphins v Baltimore Ravens Photo by Rob Carr/Getty Images

After entering halftime up 28-7, the Baltimore Ravens (1-1) have a collapse for the ages as the Miami Dolphins come back in the final seven minutes to score four touchdowns and claim victory, 42-38.

Quarterback: A+

Nothing else Lamar Jackson could have done. He threw for 318 yards and three touchdowns and rushed for another 119 yards and a touchdown, including a 79-yard touchdown run that should’ve put the game away. It didn’t as the defense had a collapse for the ages.

Running back: D

There aren’t lanes to run but the weren’t manufacturing them anyway. The leading rusher not including Jackson went for 16 yards. In all, the running backs totaled 36 yards.

Wide Receivers: A

There’s not much to criticize with the wide receivers. They accounted for 171 yards and two touchdowns. They made the plays when called on, especially when many wrote off this unit before they started.

Tight Ends: B

Andrews totaled over 100 yards receiving and a touchdown. Rookie Isaiah Likely dropping a pass his way on 3rd & 12 was brutal. His fall from preseason hype has been tough to observe after such high expectations entering the regular season.

Offensive Line

Run Blocking: D
Pass Blocking: B+

Jackson doesn’t stumble into a 79-yard rushing touchdown, ergo not an F. However, the offense is completely missing an aspect they need to win these kinds of games.

As for passing, zero sacks on Jackson coming into this game is incredible. Many were worried this game would expose the offense again with pressure looks but that wasn’t the reason for the loss.


Defensive line: D

Last week, the defensive line won the Ravens their game against the New York Jets. Against the Dolphins, their pressures were far and few between and they missed the opportunities on Dolphins quarterback Tua Tagovailoa they did have. Just, disappointing.

Outside Linebackers: D+

The sack and pressures by Justin Houston bring this grade up. Other than Houston, Odafe Oweh has been disappointingly silent and the Ravens are down another outside linebacker with Steven Means being carted off the field during the first half. The pass rush from last week was unrecognizable by the same group this week.

Inside linebackers: C

I wouldn’t pin this collapse on the inside linebacker unit as the game broke down from Tagovailoa airing it out to his wide receivers. Nothing really positive or negative here. Patrick Queen didn’t play great but it wasn’t on him to defend Tyreek Hill or Jaylen Waddle.

Cornerbacks: F

This felt like 2021 Bengals vs. Ravens Week 16. Opposing quarterback throws a career best, and this time it was Tagovailoa going for 469 yards and six touchdowns. To make matters worse, the secondary is already looking like the end-of-season 2021 squad. It’s Week 2 and the Ravens are missing cornerback Kyle Fuller for the season, Brandon Stephens was inactive, Marlon Humphrey and rookie Damarion “Pepe” Williams are banged-up and Marcus Peters is on a pitch count as he returns from last season’s injury.

Safeties: D

Marcus Williams hauled in two interceptions and nearly a third. Few of the big plays were in his face or thrown his way, it appeared. But the unit allowed Hill to get behind them twice, for touchdowns of 48- and 60-yards.

Special Teams

Punting: D

This was a bad performance from rookie Jordan Stout. His punt in the fourth quarter went for 36-yards.

Kicking: B+

Tucker knocked through a 50-yard field goal, but then his ensuing kickoff was short, giving the Dolphins better field position. Not that that was the reason for the final touchdown, let’s be honest.