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Roundtable: Ravens sign K Justin Tucker to a 4-year extension

The Beatdown crew reacts to the news of Justin Tucker sticking in Baltimore

NFL: Baltimore Ravens at Detroit Lions Raj Mehta-USA TODAY Sports

The Baltimore Ravens have signed kicker Justin Tucker to a four-year, $24 million deal with $17.5 million guaranteed. Below, you’ll find the reactions from the contributors here on Baltimore Beatdown.

This is a layup of a deal for Ravens General Manager Eric DeCosta and Justin Tucker. The best to ever do it gets the best deal. It’s even a bit more gratifying after the Pittsburgh Steelers signed kicker Chris Boswell to a deal last week to tie Tucker’s previous highest-paid contract, only for Tucker to eclipse it by $1 million seven days later.

In all seriousness, Tucker’s the most accurate kicker in NFL history. He has the longest-ever field goal completion at 66-yards. He’s made some of the most difficult kicks of the past decade of any kicker and it feels like the football world shakes when he misses anything under a 50-yard field goal due to the expectation of him just knocking them through like chip shots. In fact, Tucker is the only kicker to have an average miss distance above 50 yards, where he sits at 51.7 yards. It would only make sense for him to be the highest-paid kicker in the NFL. — Kyle Barber

The Ravens extending the greatest kicker of all time makes just as much sense as trying to lock up their franchise MVP winning quarterback, if not more. Tucker has been the gold standard at his position for a decade and is showing no signs of regression in his leg strength, accuracy and most importantly clutch factor. Prior to the Lamar Jackson era, there were years where he was the team’s most reliable and potent scoring weapon. The future Hall of Famer’s countdown to Canton will have to wait a little while longer and I couldn’t be happier. — Joshua Reed

For some franchises, it may be slightly embarrassing to list a kicker as one of the all-time greats in their history, but not for the Ravens. What Justin Tucker has accomplished since he signed as an undrafted free agent with Baltimore in 2012 is nothing short of spectacular. Aside from potentially Aaron Donald, there is not a more clear-cut best player at their position than Justin Tucker in the current NFL. Not only is Tucker the most accurate kicker in NFL history, but he now holds the longest field goal in NFL history with his jaw-dropping 66-yard game winner against the Detroit Lions last season. The Ravens are incredibly lucky to have such an automatic weapon at their disposable for many more years to come. — Dustin Cox

Justin Tucker is the greatest kicker of all-time. He is fully deserving of every penny that the Ravens ponied up, all $17.5 million guaranteed. His consistency, particularly in late game situations, is unparalleled. As he continues to add to his legacy, he’s kicked in a Super Bowl, holds the NFL record for longest made field goal at 66-yards (not even in Denver) and has simply been the best kicker in the NFL since he entered the league. He’s a legitimate weapon deserving of a contract of the magnitude the Ravens put forth. He’s the only specialist in the game worth paying that type of money. — Spencer Schultz

Justin Tucker is the greatest kicker in the history of the NFL and will go down as such when it’s all said and over. He even cemented it last year by snatching the longest field goal in NFL history, to match his all time leading field goal percentage. The Ravens made sure to lock in 4 more years, extending him till 2027. He deserved to be paid as the single best kicker and the Ravens always stay on top of that. He should be a future first ballot Hall of Famer. Beloved by Baltimore, he will stay here for the foreseeable future. — Zach Canter

The former undrafted kicker out of Texas, Justin Tucker, has been a franchise cornerstone for the Ravens. Time after time he has come through in clutch situations, when the pressure elevates, so too does his game. Knowing Tucker will be in the purple and black until he is 38-years-old is a comforting feeling for not only for Tucker but Ravens Head Coach John Harbaugh and Ravens fans across the country. Few kickers do you have to barely sweat watching when they attempt a 50-yard field goal. Tuckers 73% rate in his career on 50+ yard field goals is astounding. With his 100% rate last season it is clear time is his friend. I, along with the entire Ravens flock look forward to Justin Tucker breaking records at M&T bank for years to come, on his quest to becoming the best kicker of all time.Jacob Langer