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Ravens release guard/tackle Tyre Phillips after trade fails to materialize

The third-year third round pick hits the market

Washington Commanders v Baltimore Ravens Photo by Scott Taetsch/Getty Images

In a surprising move following the initial construction of the 53-man roster, the Baltimore Ravens have released third-year offensive guard/tackle Tyre Phillips. Phillips was a third-round pick in 2020, being drafted with the last compensatory pick in the round. Graded as an early Day 3 prospect, Phillips was picked higher than expected.

Phillips started his career off strong, winning a starting role on the offensive line as a guard in Week 1 of both his rookie and sophomore seasons. Unfortunately, injuries may have ruined his time in Baltimore. His inability to stay in one consistent spot may have impacted his development. Phillips was often put in at the tackle, either because the Ravens had little depth at one of the spots or because a guard stepped in after Phillips was injured and played too well to have their spot taken.

It seemed obvious in the first couple of attempts that Phillips just didn’t have the footwork or footspeed to hang at the tackle spot. While he looked good as a guard in his limited time there, the Ravens have two young guards they like right now in Ben Powers and Ben Cleveland. Phillips was just never consistent enough to stick on the roster this year, struggling in the preseason as the Ravens moved him all around the offensive line. This seemed to be a plan, as the Ravens were trying to increase his trade value.

Hopefully, Phillips will get claimed and should get some more consistent development as an offensive guard, where he seems to have a high upside. In the meantime, Ravens fans will always have this memory of Phillips from his rookie year, rumbling down the field.