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Ravens Mascot, Poe, suffers possible torn ACL in youth football game

“Poe” returned before the games’ end

NFL: New York Jets at Baltimore Ravens Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports

UPDATE 11:51 p.m. — Poe seeing team doctor, Dr. Andrew Tucker.

Injuries have been on the forefront of the Baltimore Ravens since all of training camp and preseason. The “ramp-up” schedule, new practice format, practice time adjustments and keeping starters from playing in the preseason all in an effort to reduce the risk of injury. Unfortunately, the changes didn’t impact the Ravens Mascot, Poe, who went down during halftime in a Mascots vs. Youth Football game.

The injury suffered by Poe wasn’t first recognized, as it appeared to be a playful gag. However, Head Coach John Harbaugh came over to check out Poe who had been lying on the ground for nearly five minutes, as the beginning of the second half was approaching.

The crew eventually brought out the cart for Poe.

A replacement Poe returned before the games’ end to a big applause and high fives.