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Calais Campbell, Mark Andrews respond to criticism of Lamar Jackson from ‘Anonymous NFL defensive coordinator’

Ravens players respond in support of their teammate

Ravens tight end Mark Andrews addresses the media on Day 1 of training camp 2022
Kyle Barber

By now, everybody’s heard the criticism spoken from an anonymous NFL defensive coordinator against Ravens quarterback Lamar Jackson.

Today was the first day Ravens veterans reported for training camp and at tight end Mark Andrews and defensive end Calais Campbell participated in a podium session where both were asked about if they’ve heard about the criticism of their quarterback. Both had something to say in response.

“Well that’s a foolish statement,” Campbell said. “If you win 12 MVPs, you’re the best quarterback of all time. Certain people always have their opinions and you really can’t care about what other people think. Everything Lamar does is, if he goes out there and wins the Super Bowl three years in a row, people are still going to be critics. So it really doesn’t matter, we just handle our business and do what we do. But Lamar Jackson is a great quarterback and he’s a guy that is getting so much better each and every year. I know he’s motivated by the critics so you hope that craziness that comes up benefits us as a team but at the end of the day, he’s a phenomenal quarterback and a guy I have a lot of respect for. I love going to battle with him. Let the haters talk. We let them chirp and we just win football games.”

Andrews was more reserved in his comment, but has a message for the unnamed coordinator.

“We’ll see whoever that was, for sure,” Andrews said.