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Julian Edelman praises Ravens cornerback Jimmy Smith

High praise from the former Patriots receiver

Baltimore Ravens v New England Patriots Photo by Rob Carr/Getty Images

Former New England Patriots wide receiver Julian Edelman recently joined the I AM ATHLETE podcast and shared the one cornerback who he’d wake up thinking, “I have to face this m—— f——?” was Ravens cornerback Jimmy Smith.

“I would play a lot of outside with Jimmy. I was [the outside receiver] at that time. I was F,” Edelman said. “Me and Jimmy, I remember him—like I trained over at Exos in LA and I remember him coming out and he was really quick in and out of breaks and I’m like, ‘Who’s this dude?’ And then we started playing against each other and that’s when we were playing Baltimore like twice a year. So like, we know each other. You know when you play teams a lot, I know your tendency, you know my tendency, so like, this is what we’re going to see who can win. So like there would be times he would win. He was a long guy. He was also kind of quick. He was patient at the line of scrimmage. He kind of knew how to.. he kind of knew how to f—- me. I won my battles but he won his. We always played in important games against each other.”

Throughout Edelman’s career he played in four regular season games against the Ravens with active, where his stats combine for 28 receptions on 44 targets for 267 yards and one touchdown. In the playoffs, Edelman faced the Ravens twice with Smith on the roster, and caught nine of 16 targets for 82 yards.