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Minicamp Practice Notes 6/16: Positive injury updates, Tyler Badie finds the endzone

The final day of minicamp has concluded

NFL: Baltimore Ravens Minicamp Scott Taetsch-USA TODAY Sports

Mandatory minicamp has concluded and the Baltimore Ravens exit organized team activities relatively unscathed. According to Head Coach John Harbaugh, only quarterback Tyler Huntley and outside linebacker Jaylon Ferguson were the only two who suffered injury, and both cases are minor.

“Snoop has a little tendonitis in his shoulder from all the throws so we just gave him a rest the last two days on that. So he’ll be fine,” Harbaugh said. “Jaylon had an ankle sprain from yesterday. You saw that, so that’s why we held him out, and Nick Boyle just had the day off for, it’s in his rotation.”

Harbaugh also offered updates on running backs J.K. Dobbins and Gus Edwards, along with left tackle Ronnie Stanley.

“I’d say they’re all on schedule but what is the schedule? The knee injuries are a little tougher to say what the schedule really is, so you talk to J.K., he’s the starting running back today and he should’ve been practicing today. But he’s got work to do still, so does Gus but they’re both, I think, doing great. We’ll see how they look when they come back and all that... Ronnie’s ankle is looking great. Ronnie’s mission right now will to be to get in the best shape of his life and get ready to play football and that’s what he’s working on.”

Harbaugh also shared defensive tackle Michael Pierce, who has missed mandatory minicamp, is healthy but has been excused due to a personal matter.

“Absolutely not [an issue that would jeopardize attending training camp.] It’s not anything like that,” Harbaugh said. “He’s healthy, he’s good. It’s just a personal matter with his family and that’s what it is.”

Ringing the Iron

There was entertainment early in individual drills with the quarterbacks, as the unit attempted to put the football through a ringed target downfield. Jackson consistently rung the iron, doing so on three consecutive tries from different markers, but Anthony Brown beat him to putting it through the net first.

Brandon Stephens notches two PBUs

Cornerback Brandon Stephens caused a roaring applause from his teammates after ripping a pass out of wide receiver Jaylon Moore’s hands in the end zone. That was the first of two pass breakups Stephens was involved with; the first one Stephens notched was a pass that humorously clanged off his helmet as he defended a receiver along the sideline and didn’t get his head turned around before the ball arrived. Teammates on the sideline joked, “That’s still a PBU!”

False Starts

I counted four false starts on the offense today, with three coming during red zone drills. Thankfully, this is the time to have those problems rather than during the regular season, but this was something that can turn touchdowns into field goals or worse.

Last season, the Ravens were called for 18 false start penalties, costing them 91 yards. This will be an area of importance for the coaching staff come training camp.

Tight End Highlight Catches

It appeared tight ends Josh Oliver and rookie Isaiah Likely were competing for who could reel in the better one-handed catch. Both notched touchdowns with one-handed catches, and Likely nearly had a second one but he couldn’t quite keep control with it as he came down from the leaping grab cleanly.

Tyler Badie Scores

Badie has been receiving the lions share of reps with the two expected starters ahead of him still out with injury, and he’s made the most of them. He caught a pass from Lamar Jackson and found the end zone during today’s drills.