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Rashod Bateman responds to critics asking ‘can the Ravens win with their current WR corps?’

It’s getting old

NFL: Minnesota Vikings at Baltimore Ravens Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports

After a blissful year of not concerning ourselves with wide receiver chatter, we’ve returned to the norm. Each available free agent pass-catcher is considered as a possible Ravens target. Every wideout without a contract becomes considered as the Ravens No. 2 guy. It also comes with everybody is questioning whether or not the Ravens can win with their current wideout room. Some, even, like Pressbox’s Glenn Clark, are calling it a crisis.

“We have to describe what’s facing the Ravens as what it is. It’s … it’s a damn crisis,” Clark wrote.

Others, including myself, have been covering this topic since the Ravens traded Marquise “Hollywood” Brown to the Arizona Cardinals.

But the leader of the receiver room, Rashod Bateman, has an answer for the critics.

The issue isn’t that the Ravens are right or wrong in their approach. They’re different. They aren’t utilizing a heavy passing scheme to win games, but they are winning. Since Jackson became the starting quarterback, the Ravens are 37-12. Their winning percentage is .755. The argument for the Ravens is their successful without having a “traditional” passing game. The argument against, is they could improve their offense by adding one, as wide receivers are being valued more in the modern era and it “never hurts” to add another weapon for your franchise quarterback. But regardless, if the question is “can they win with their current wide receiver corps” the answer is yes.