Eisenberg: Here's What Matters Most for the Ravens in 2022


As the Ravens build their roster for 2022, there's plenty of chatter about their efforts to fortify their offensive and defensive lines, solidify their pass defense, amp up their pass rush and juice up their running game. But there's virtually no chatter about the single most important aspect of what I'll call their Bounce Back Project. Anytime the subject of Lamar Jackson comes up, his contract situation dominates – understandably, as the star quarterback's rookie contract expires after this season and any new deal he signs would be the largest in Ravens history. But while the off-field focus might be understandable, Jackson's on-field performance will be the centerpiece of the Ravens' efforts to return to the AFC playoffs in 2022, and I'm hearing next to nothing about it. When last seen, Jackson was struggling more than usual; in the last three games he started and finished, he threw twice as many interceptions as touchdowns and posted below-average passer ratings as the Ravens went 1-2 while averaging just 17 points per game. Watch any NFL Game live online for free and in HD. We offer multiple streams for each NFL Streams live event available on our website.