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Roundtable Reactions: Ravens sign ILB Josh Bynes

How the Beatdown crew reacted to the news of Bynes’ re-signing

NFL: Baltimore Ravens at Buffalo Bills Rich Barnes-USA TODAY Sports

The Ravens have reportedly re-signed inside linebacker Josh Bynes to a one-year contract. Below, you’ll find the reactions to this move from some of our staff here at Baltimore Beatdown.

Decent signing. Not a big needle-moving signing, but this position didn’t require one. Many were hoping to land inside linebacker Bobby Wagner, and while he would improve the defense, it’s not a significant need.The addition of Bynes last season helped the Ravens defense by moving Patrick Queen to the WILL linebacker position, where Queen himself admitted it was easier to play and not focus on too many things.Bynes is a consistent linebacker who is reliable and plays well in the Ravens’ system. I like that it’s a one-year signing, as it allows the team freedom next year to make a move via free agency or the draft when it comes time to bring in new talent, or develop a player drafted this season without urgency. — Kyle Barber

If Bynes is signed to the vet minimum as expected, he’s a reliable veteran who helped calm things down in the spine of the Ravens’ defense for the second time in three years. This signing is better than spending mid-tier money that will handicap the Ravens ability to make other moves. This likely means LJ Fort doesn’t return unless there’s injury. I wouldn’t count out spending a day two or early day three pick on a linebacker come late April.— Spencer Schultz

While this isn’t as seismic or headline grabbing as signing Bobby Wagner would’ve been, it gives the Ravens a solid calming veteran presence at the inside linebacker position all the same. The move itself isn’t surprising but the timing of it is somewhat perplexing given that this is unusually the kind of transaction the team makes after the draft and after the upcoming year’s salaries are no longer guaranteed. Bynes’ third stint with the Ravens will continue for at least another year as will provide quality depth and potentially even start if Patrick Queen is still not quite ready to assume the starting MIKE role or as his running mate at the starting WILL/Weakside spot. Solid all around move that likely won’t be much higher than the veteran minimum. — Joshua Reed

The Ravens still needed a veteran presence at inside linebacker after failing to land Bobby Wagner. Josh Bynes, while not the same caliber of player as Wagner, is a valuable piece to bring back. Bynes has solved Baltimore’s inside linebacker woes mid-season twice in recent years and greatly helped with Patrick Queen’s development last season. The hope should be for Queen and Harrison to continue to develop now with Bynes as the glue to hold things together. — Dustin Cox

Ravens were expected to bring back one of LJ Fort or Josh Bynes to continue to help play along side of Patrick Queen. They chose rather early to go with the latter. Solid signing that will help keep some vet presence in the ILB room. Doesn’t pigeon hole them into picking one in the draft, but I’d still expect a pick somewhere in the draft, likely a coverage specialist. Hopefully it’s somewhere near a vet minimum deal. Happy couple stays together. — Zach Canter