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Lamar Jackson calls it a ‘false narrative’ that he’s trying to leave the Ravens

Lamar Jackson said, “I love my Ravens”

Cleveland Browns v Baltimore Ravens Photo by Patrick Smith/Getty Images

This morning, NFL Network’s Good Morning Football aired a segment discussing the new contract extension for Ravens’ head coach John Harbaugh, but the lack of a new deal with quarterback Lamar Jackson.

In the segment, Dante Hall suggests Jackson might not be interested in staying with the Ravens.

“And my other thought was, does Lamar not want to be there,” Hall said. “I mean, it’s his fifth year... I know he’s unique. I love Lamar. One of my favorite players to watch, listen to, everything. But who is going to turn down $200-plus million? No one is that unique. It just made me think, ‘Does he not want to be there?’ Because, why wouldn’t you sign?”

When cohosts asked Hall to walk them through his thought, Hall said he was “baffled” and the only reason a player wouldn’t sign for that amount of money would be because it’s not a team they don’t want to stay with.

Just 90 minutes after the segment aired, Jackson had a response.

Though we still don’t know why an extension hasn’t been completed between the Ravens and Jackson, with the onus being on Jackson from reports by Ravens General Manager Eric DeCosta and owner Steve Bisciotti, but it’s clear the reasoning isn’t because Jackson doesn’t want to play for the Ravens long-term.