Ravens Slipping and Sliding to the Basement in AFC North !!!

Last year I said the Ravens would not win another game with 6 left to play and they didn't!

Well, they may be in Last place this year. Cincy stocking up on the O Line their biggest weakness last year and with Burrow still went to the Super Bowl!

Ravens will drop 2 to them. The Browns go out and fix their QB problem and if Watson does play, they will sweep the Ravens too!!!

The Steelers even last year with Ben struggling still go to the Playoffs and a team the Ravens can't seem to beat.

Oh wait, the Ravens big signing Ricard, lol...

Go out and sign some solid defense like Bobby Wagner, Clowney and on Offense get Jarvis Landry a # 1 receiver for them. If NOT it will be a Long Year for those Raven Birdies sitting on their hands!!!

The Chargers are stacked with a Great Young QB. The Raiders went out and got Davanti Adams and others.

The Bills signed more players with all the Talent they have and KC well we won't beat them in a Playoff game unless we get Much better on Defense and Signing Ricard just won't do that.

THE RAVENS WILL FINISH IN LAST PLACE, WOW...Some won't like that but lets watch and see!

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