Ravens lose Zeus...while the Chargers, Steelers, Bills all improve. The Chargers and Bills were already better than the Ravens.

Chargers go out and get Mack a great corner and more.

The Bills QB has a 140 million contract and still signed Von Miller and now a Solid O-lineman for next to nothing.

Ravens desperately need help on the D-line, CB and O-line...They should have gone after Chandler Jones but didn't.

If you think this team will contend by doing it in the Draft your Dreaming!!!

and the Steelers grab Myles Jack....instead of making moves the Ravens think while the Players sign else where!!!

I think they have the Orioles philosophy! That hasn't worked to well. BENGALS upgrade their O-line big time and sign our old #1 TE Hayden Hurst. The old Dirty Birds are falling way behind, Fact!!!

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