As you listen to all the Talk shows say where this Top Notch Pass Rusher may go NO ONE mentions the Ravens!

This would be a huge addition for this Defense yet the ravens do nothing as usual.

They have also wanted Von Miller and Jarvis Landry for years and they are their for the taking but the Ravens are passive and Not aggressive enough. Look at what the Chargers have done!

Even the Steelers have signed a corner 2 O'Lineman a QB. The Broncos are now a SB contender while the Ravens do nothing and look for bargains or think they can be a contender with the Draft!.

Go get Chandler Jones, Wagner or Von Miller and Jarvis Landry...then sign the O lineman in the Draft...That defense immediately becomes solid with those few moves. Let Smith, Campbell go. You already let Young go. If they don't improve that D-line they will NOT COMPETE with the great QB's in the AFC....The Ravens are becoming like the Bum Orioles always looking for some Bargain and NOT signing top players. The Safety was a good sign now go get more...its needed!!!

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