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Reacts Results: Ravens fans near bottom of NFL fanbases in confidence rating

The Ravens are first in the AFC North, but fans aren’t feeling confident about it and their team

Denver Broncos v Baltimore Ravens Photo by Rob Carr/Getty Images

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Earlier this week, Baltimore Beatdown polled Baltimore Ravens fans on if they’re confident in the direction of the team. The fanbase responded with their lowest confidence rating of the season at 17-percent.

It’s a bit striking to see the Ravens, currently 8-4 and leading the AFC North, be one of the lowest in terms of confidence rating. However, there’s more to the story from fans’ perspective.

The fanbase as a whole is heavily frustrated with Offensive Coordinator Greg Roman, for better or worse. This alone has been a factor all throughout the season with the confidence polls.

It’s always interesting when the confidence rating falls after a loss, but critique isn’t without merit.

The Ravens narrowly defeated the Denver Broncos in Week 13, and lost quarterback Lamar Jackson in the process and will not have him on the field in Week 14 against the Pittsburgh Steelers. Instead, backup quarterback Tyler Huntely will take the field, who did lead a game-winning drive against the Broncos’ vaunted defense by scoring a touchdown in the final minute. But, this wasn’t enough for fans to believe in the direction of the team.

This week, the Ravens’ fanbase is the sixth-lowest in our SB Nation confidence rankings.

Confidence Levels

  1. New Orleans Saints - 2%
  2. Arizona Cardinals - 3%
  3. Denver Broncos - 7%
  4. Los Angeles Chargers - 8%
  5. Indianapolis Colts - 14%
  6. Baltimore Ravens - 17%