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Harbaugh on trick play vs. Broncos: ‘It was a bad play’

Harbaugh expressed displeasure for the trick play called against the Denver Broncos

Baltimore Ravens v Jacksonville Jaguars Photo by Courtney Culbreath/Getty Images

On Monday, Ravens Head Coach John Harbaugh was asked about the double-reverse wide receiver pass from James Proche to running back Kenyan Drake that was intercepted. It’s drawn a fair bit of criticism and upon reflection, Harbaugh expressed his displeasure with the play.

“Everything broke down; it was just a bad play I’d say. It’s one we’d probably want back. It just wasn’t a good time for it. It seemed like a good idea I guess at the time in some ways; there were reasons for that, but in hindsight [it was] just not a good call in the sense of it was a bad play. There was too much trying too hard maybe to make something happen with a trick play. Really at that time in the game, it was probably time just to grind. I think it turned out to be a grind game, and that was a finesse idea that it wasn’t time for that, for sure.”

Harbaugh also was critical of the decision by Proche to throw the ball, but said it would be unfair to him him too accountable for it.

“You’d like for him to just run right there. If you ask James, I’m sure he said that last night,” Harbaugh said. “You don’t throw into four guys, but he’s a wide receiver, so I’m not going to hold him too accountable for it. We’ll take that as … With coaching, we can do better with the play calling. We tried to do something, and it was a bad idea in the sense that it really had no chance.”