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Reacts results: Playoff berth gives little boost to Ravens fans’ confidence

Fans aren’t interested in celebrating

Atlanta Falcons v Baltimore Ravens Photo by Rob Carr/Getty Images

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Shortly after defeating the Atlanta Falcons last week, the Baltimore Ravens (10-5) eclipsed a playoff berth. This, though, has done little to sway the minds of Ravens fans to be confident in the direction of the team, according to our weekly confidence poll.

It’s quite striking to see the Ravens sitting at 10-5, competing for the AFC North divisional crown and still, the fanbase is frustrated. For comparison, here are some other teams’ confidence polls.

Detroit Lions (7-8)

A team hoping to make the playoffs and sitting at 7-8 has overwhelming confidence in the direction.

Carolina Panthers (6-9)

The post-Matt Rhule bump has lasted long enough for Panthers fans to be excited for the future.

The Ravens have a lot going on. Lamar Jackson is still working to come back from a knee injury, and he hasn’t been locked-down long-term, leaving fans with anxiety about the future of Jackson and the Ravens. There’s still frustration with both the wide receiver position and with offensive coordinator Greg Roman. But, to see teams that are more clueless about their long-term quarterback situation and challenges be sky-high with confidence puts things in perspective sometimes.