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Every question from media to Ravens HC John Harbaugh regarding Lamar Jackson since injury

From the transcripts themselves

Kansas City Chiefs v Baltimore Ravens Photo by Cooper Neill/Getty Images

Fans of the Baltimore Ravens have expressed displeasure of the media regarding why they aren’t pressing Ravens Head Coach John Harbaugh on quarterback Lamar Jackson or ‘asking the tough questions.’

They’ve also voiced frustration surrounding the lack of information or response when said questions are asked.

Below, you’ll find a list of all questions the media has asked in regard to Jackson since he suffered the unconfirmed PCL injury and all responses are from Harbaugh.

Post-Game vs. DEN, 12/4

(on QB Lamar Jackson’s injury status)

Harbaugh: “Lamar [Jackson] has a knee, but it’s not a season-ending-type of knee. We’ll get more tests tomorrow and let you know how long it’s going to be; we’ll see. Hopefully, I’ll have something for you tomorrow afternoon, certainly by Wednesday it will be more definitive, but’s it’s going to be a number [of] days to weeks. We’ll see; we’ll see if he can go back this week. If not, it’ll be some time after that shortly.”

Monday Presser, 12/5

Do you have any update on QB Lamar Jackson? (ESPN’s Jamison Hensley)

Harbaugh: “Yes. He’s been through the MRIs, and I would say it’s kind of week-to-week. It’s going to be a weekly thing, so as the week goes on, we’ll see for this week. It’s probably less likely for this week, but it’s not impossible. Then after that, it will become more and more likely.”

Wednesday Presser, 12/7

Has anything changed with QB Lamar Jackson’s status, and – I don’t think we asked you on Monday – is it a sprain? (The Baltimore Sun’s Childs Walker)

Harbaugh: “Yes, I just don’t think I’m going to get into any detailed diagnoses on all that. We’ll just kind of let it play out.”

Friday Presser, 12/9

We didn’t see QB Lamar Jackson practice the past three days. Does it look like it’s going to be QB Tyler Huntley starting on Sunday? (Jamison Hensley)

Harbaugh: “It looks like it’s going to be Tyler [Huntley] on Sunday, yes.”

Monday Presser, 12/12

You mentioned QB Lamar Jackson. Is he a consideration for this week? Is there a chance that he could play? (Jamison Hensley)

Harbaugh: “I just don’t know. I don’t know. You make some kind of a statement and it turns out to be … You just don’t have enough information to make it yet; that’s how these injuries work.”

Monday Presser, 12/19

Do you expect QB Lamar Jackson to return this week? (Jamison Hensley)

Harbaugh: “I knew you were going to ask that, or somebody was. There are probably a couple other injury questions coming up, and I think I’m going to climb behind the barricade of it’s probably not the time to put a lot of information out there on our injuries, just for competitive purposes. So, we’re just going to let that develop and see where we go with it and not try to walk the tight rope of what we say.”

Tuesday Presser, 12/20

We didn’t see QB Lamar Jackson today. Are you still behind the barricade, or did he come out and do any practice? (Press Box’s Bo Smolka)

Harbaugh: “Yes, I’m not commenting on any of that stuff right now this time of year. We’re just going to try to get ready for the game, and the guys will be on the injury report. You’ll see when the injury report comes out what the statuses are.”

Thursday Presser, 12/22

With QB Lamar Jackson not practicing, does it look like it will be QB Tyler Huntley starting on Saturday? (Jamison Hensley)

Harbaugh: “It does, it does.”

Post-Game vs. ATL Presser, 12/24

(on if QB Lamar Jackson was close to playing this week and if clinching a playoff berth affects their approach to playing him over the last two weeks)

Harbaugh: “I haven’t thought about that; players play when they’re healthy and ready to go; that’s really all we do. When the player and the docs come back and say, ‘Hey, it’s time,’ then [as] coaches, we build him into the gameplan. That’s really how [it works]. To think about it beyond that is just kind of a waste of energy and time. All the players – including Lamar [Jackson] – Lamar is working very hard to get back. The trainers are working very hard to get him back. I’m optimistic in so many ways, but focused on our team and the next gameplan with who we have, really.”

Monday Presser, 12/26

As far as QB Lamar Jackson, do you expect him to practice this week? (Jamison Hensley)

Harbaugh “We’ll just have to see.”

As far as how last year ended with QB Lamar Jackson not being able to come back from that injury, are you still optimistic that he is going to be able to come back at some point this year? (Jamison Hensley)

Harbaugh: “Sure, of course.”

Wednesday Presser, 12/28

It was reported that QB Lamar Jackson has a PCL injury. Do you know if that was a sprain or strain? (105.7’s Cordell Woodland)

Harbaugh: “I’m not really ... [It’s] not for me to say. We’re just coaching the guys out here right now.”

Friday Presser, 12/30

With QB Lamar Jackson not practicing, does it look like another start for QB Tyler Huntley? (Jamison Hensley)

Harbaugh: “I think we’re going to stick with our plan on that and just let it kind of go with the injury report and that sort of thing. That’s probably a fair assumption though, to assume that.”

We haven’t asked you about DE Calais Campbell and CB Marcus Peters for a while. Are they both progressing well? (The Baltimore Sun’s Childs Walker)

Harbaugh: They’re both progressing very well. I would say the same thing about Lamar [Jackson]. All three of these guys are working super hard. I would say they’re on schedule. It’s hard to say what schedule means exactly with injuries because it’s nature, but all three of those guys are doing a great job.”

Monday Presser, 1/2

Do you expect QB Lamar Jackson to practice this week? (WNST’s Luke Jones)

Harbaugh: “I don’t know; I don’t know. I don’t have an expectation until I hear more today.”

Wednesday Presser, 1/4

We didn’t see QB Lamar Jackson at practice again today. Do you expect him to be ready for the postseason? (Jamison Hensley)

Harbaugh: “I’m just probably going to leave all that stuff alone. I’m going to focus on the game and just get ready to coach our guys and have our guys get ready to play the game.”