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Reacts Results: Ravens fan confidence hit new low following Browns loss

The latest loss brought on the latest plummet in the Reacts poll this season

Washington Commanders v Baltimore Ravens Photo by Todd Olszewski/Getty Images

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Frustration has mounted this week in the Baltimore Ravens’ fanbase after a 13-3 defeat came at the hands of the Cleveland Browns. To make matters worse, the offense appeared to have a plan of attack that was working, with running backs J.K. Dobbins and Gus Edwards steamrolling for over nine yards per carry, limiting the usage of backup quarterback Tyler Huntley. But in the fourth quarter, the running backs combined for one carry for four yards, infuriating the Ravens’ fanbase with calls for Offensive Coordinator Greg Roman to be fired.

When asked about possible personnel changes or roles, Ravens Head Coach John Harbaugh wasn’t having it, saying “all the end of the bar-type conversation is for the people sitting at the end of the bar.”

“No, we’re not getting into all that. You guys can talk about all that; I respect that,” Harbaugh said. “I love the fans talking about everything they can talk about. We’re together, man; we’re a team. We’re in here, we’re spending all of our time getting ready for the Atlanta Falcons with every ounce of energy and fiber we have, with a bunch of very good people at what they do [and] who understand everything about our team better than anybody else possibly could.”

Since then, Baltimore Beatdown polled Ravens fans to see where their confidence lies; sadly, it’s reached the lowest point this season.

My assumption: The short-term perspective and long-term perspective is what so dutifully plummets these polls.

Short Term

The Ravens don’t appear poised for a championship run to the fanbase. The lack of wide receiver talent shows each week. Quarterback Lamar Jackson has yet to practice since suffering a knee injury in Week 13. The defense can only hold the barricade for so long before teams with more pass-heavy attacks and wide receivers stretch the slim secondary of the team too far.

Long Term

  • This team has been strapped with Super Bowl aspirations since Lamar Jackson stepped onto the field. Possibly since he said “they’re gonna get a Super Bowl outta me,” to Deion Sanders on draft night. Five years later, the Ravens have been bounced from the two divisional rounds they’ve managed to land.
  • Their offensive system has felt a peak since 2019, with the replicated style not working or not being utilized.
  • The future of this franchise, Jackson, is not under contract and the fanbase continues to scream out that he shouldn’t re-sign or the Ravens don’t want to re-sign him and the conspiracy theories run wild.

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