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Ravens HC John Harbaugh on potential coaching staff changes: “We’re not getting into all of that”

Harbaugh, in the words of Bill Belichick, is on to Atlanta

Baltimore Ravens v Jacksonville Jaguars Photo by Mike Carlson/Getty Images

On Monday, Baltimore Ravens Head Coach John Harbaugh was asked if he was considering any potential coaching staff personnel changes or roles being modified. Harbaugh denied any consideration and expressed confidence in his staff.

“We’re not getting into all of that. You guys can talk about all of that and I respect that. [I] love the fanbase talking about everything they can talk about but we’re together, man. We’re a team. We’re in here, spending all of our time getting ready for the Atlanta Falcons with every ounce of energy and fiber of what we got with a bunch of very, very good people at what they do — that understand everything about our team better than anybody else possibly could and we’re getting ready to play the game. So all that other stuff, we don’t have time for that. As [New England Patriots Head] Coach [Bill] Belichick said, ‘We’re onto...’ Now we’re onto Atlanta. We’re onto Atlanta. All the end-of-the-bar talk conversation is for the people sitting at the end of the bar. We’re going to work hard to do the best we can to give them something to celebrate come Saturday afternoon. That’s our goal because we want it to be great and we want our fans to be happy with it and be excited about it.”

The response comes after a video posted by Ravens outside linebacker Tyus Bowser on Saturday which depicts papers outside the practice facility with “Fire Greg Roman” on the ground. Harbaugh was asked about Bowser posting the video.

“We talked about that,” Harbaugh said. “Ask Tyus about it, he’ll tell you... I could go on a social media... rant, maybe not a rant but I don’t know why anybody lives there. I don’t live there. I don’t care about any of that. I’m not foolish enough to live in that world. It’s just not for me. So, I’m not worrying about it. But if it affects us as a team, then you talk to people about it.”