So, I watched the Saints game. Once again on consecutive pass plays Lamar misses WIDE OPEN Receivers. He does this a lot!

The Ravens were running the Ball Great with Drake and Hill. So the Ravens come out in the 3rd quarter and LAMAR feels the need for him to start running and did nothing taking the running backs out of the game.

When Lamar drops back to pass he looks so unsettled and makes many poor throws. Yes, they won but against the good teams they will NOT get away with this!

DEFENSE; You look at this Defense and it has some really solid players on it and Veterans. The addition of JPP and Smith were good gets! They have a good mix of Young guys and Veterans! So WHY do they look so mediocre at times and the answer is this Young DC.

Wink seems to be doing a pretty Good job in NY? It seems when Harbaugh feels threatened by good coachs he gets rid of them. He has done this with players too!!!

So you have this Young DC in over his head and with the talent throughtout that Defense they should be one of the Best. You have All Pros in the Secondary. Houston playing solid with Campbell. You now have JPP and Smith so what is the problem. WHY do they get gashed by teams so often and beat in the secondary??? It's the DC thats why!!!

I still think the Bengals will win the division in the last game playing the Ravens at home. Even if the Ravens get in as a Wildcard with the constant missed throws by Lamar they will NOT BEAT the good times. It just is NOT going to happen. So lets all watch and see. For the people that want to run to Lamars defense...The Film doesn't lie!!!

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