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Ravens playoff picture: Tiebreaker keeps them ahead in the AFC North race

How the post-season would shake out if the regular season ended today

Cincinnati Bengals v Baltimore Ravens Photo by Todd Olszewski/Getty Images

With the Baltimore Ravens dropping their Week 12 game to the Jacksonville Jaguars, the Ravens lost a step in their hopes of winning the No. 1 seed. But, they still remain in the hunt and would be hosting a home game if the season were to end today. Here’s how the playoffs would shake out if that were the case.

AFC Playoff Race

  1. Kansas City Chiefs: 9-2
  2. Miami Dolphins: 8-3
  3. Tennessee Titans: 7-4 (5-3 AFC record)
  4. Baltimore Ravens: 7-4 (4-3 AFC record)
  5. Buffalo Bills: 8-3
  6. Cincinnati Bengals: 7-4
  7. New York Jets: 7-4

In this scenario, the Ravens would welcome the Buffalo Bills to M&T Bank stadium for a Week 4 rematch. It would also be the same team they last faced in the playoffs, as the Bills knocked the Ravens out of the 2021 playoffs in a 17-3 victory in the divisional round. The Ravens are ahead of the Bengals based on their head-to-head win earlier this year.

Meanwhile, the Titans would play host to the Bengals, who they just lost to on Sunday, 20-16, and the Dolphins would host the Jets in an AFC East showdown. Tennessee is the three seed ahead of Baltimore thanks to their better record in AFC.

The Jets defeated the Dolphins in Week 5, 40-17. However, that game featured Jets running back Breece Hall, who is now out for the season and the Dolphins were on their third-string quarterback, Skylar Thompson.