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Staff Reactions to Ravens 28-27 loss to the Jaguars

How the Beatdown gang reacted to Sunday’s Loss

Baltimore Ravens v Jacksonville Jaguars Photo by Courtney Culbreath/Getty Images

The Ravens head back to M&T Bank Stadium after losing to the Jacksonville Jaguars 28-27 on a game-winning touchdown and two-point conversion from Trevor Lawrence and company. Below are the reactions from the Baltimore Beatdown gang.

This felt due. After four straight wins, a road game in Jacksonville against a fully healthy, coming-off-the-bye Jaguars squad had the makings of a loss. It began with the usual suspects. Some drops, an overthrow here and there, and struggles in the red zone with play-clock issues to boot.

Yes, the defense should’ve stopped the Jaguars in the end. They allowed 18-points in the fourth quarter, but the Gus Edwards fumble gifted three. In a one-point game, seeing 12 points not on the board due to kicking field goals instead of scoring touchdowns burns you.

This offense is stalling too frequently and it feels like they need to be perfect to move the chains. The margin of error feels so slim, whereas you saw three times the Ravens get a sack on Trevor Lawrence and it was erased a play later with a downfield throw. — Kyle Barber

The Ravens’ four-game winning streak ends with a whimper in a game that featured much of the same issues that have kept this team from feeling like a true contender this season. Offensive woes continue — particularly, scoring touchdowns in the redzone and a seemingly never-ending battle with the play clock. The lack of quality offensive weapons is evident without wide receiver Rashod Bateman on the field and quarterback Lamar Jackson continues to miss crucial passes while also dealing with drops from his receivers that could completely change the tune of the game. Something has to change offensively if this team wants to avoid being a first-round exit in the playoffs.

The defense was dominant for much of the game until it mattered the most in the fourth quarter. Following cornerback Marlon Humphrey leaving the field with an injury, Baltimore’s defense was unable to stop quarterback Trevor Lawrence through the air. With so much invested on the defensive side of the ball, it is frustrating to see yet another fourth-quarter meltdown. It may be time to fully accept that this is not a championship caliber team in it’s current state. Nevertheless, the Ravens should make the playoffs and have a good shot at winning the division still considering their remaining schedule, but as today showed against a 3-7 team, no game can be taken lightly in the NFL. — Dustin Cox

All win streaks must end, but this felt inevitable. The Jaguars are a good up-and-coming team with their franchise quarterback in place, coming off the bye and the Ravens never play a clean game against them.

At the end of the day, pointing fingers on this one seems pointless. The entire team, minus Justin Tucker and the kicking unit, was not good. Sure, the offense put up 27 points, but it took them over 46 minutes to score a touchdown and they went 2-for-5 in the red zone. They could have closed the game early.

Sure, the defense only let up 10 points through the first three quarters and they were missing major contributors in the secondary. But 18 points in the fourth quarter is not okay and ultimately lead to their downfall.

Nobody should be proud of their performance today. Drops, missed throws, bad play calling and a bad fourth quarter defense lead to this loss. This is not a game to flush, but to use as a motivator and building block. The team should be pissed off for greatness after this one and use it to fuel one their best weeks of practice. Hopefully the boys can hop back on the train with some guys coming back off of injury. — Zach Canter