All-time Ravens team


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The Baltimore ravens have had a long history with highs and lows, and these are (in my opinion) the best players in ravens history.

QB:Lamar Jackson (regular season only) Backup: Joe Flacco (playoff starter)

Lamar Jackson is a great QB, but his big game play is not nearly as good as playoff named "January" Joe Flacco is. It is hard for Ravens fans to forget the Mile High Miracle, but he has not shown that talent in the regular season.

RB: Ray Rice: Backup: Jamal Lewis


Ray Rice in 2012 (photo credit

There is no doubt that if the Running Back position was just about running the ball, Jamal Lewis would be the starter. But Ray Rice was an amazing receiving back, and one of the top plays in Ravens history was "Hey, Diddle, Diddle," when Ray Rice took a six yard pass on a 4th and 29, Chargers 13, Ravens 10, and turned the play into a thirty yard gain, just long enough for the first down. Ray Rice's career was also cut short because of an assault allegation, but during the time previous, he had over 1,100 yards rushing in four straight seasons, and could have had it in six if he was given more carries as a rookie, and had not been injured in his last season.

FB: Vonta Leach

Leach was the best of the Ravens many great fullbacks.

WR: Anquan Boldin Backup: Steve Smith Jr

Anquan Boldin was an extremely reliable receiver, who stepped up at all the right moments, was arguably the Raven's best receiver, and Steve Smith Jr made a comeback with the Ravens after leaving disrespected from the Panthers.

WR: Derrick Mason Backup: Jacoby Jones

Derrick Mason was more known for his tenure with the Titans, but he proved to be a reliable veteran for the Ravens. He also leads the team in receiving yards. Jacoby Jones was a great return specialist, and is most well known for scoring the best play in Ravens history: The Mile High Miracle.

WR: Torrey Smith Backup: Michael Jackson

Torrey Smith was undoubtedly the best receiver the Ravens have ever drafted, with strong hands and trusty legs. Michael Jackson's tenure with the Ravens was short, but he set the Ravens single-season receiving record which wasn't broken for 25 years.

TE: Todd Heap Backup: Mark Andrews


Andrews after catching a football. (Photo credit:

Todd Heap was the best tight end the ravens ever had, Mark Andrews the greatest talent. Todd Heaps experience puts him first, but can you imagine what would happen if you put them both on the field at once?

LT: Jonathan Ogden Backup: Ronnie Stanley

This is is perhaps the most obvious spot on the roster, with both being reliable tackles, and Ogden being a Hall of Famer.

LG: Edwin Mulitalo Backup: Kelechi Osemele

C: Matt Birk Backup: Mike Flynn

RG: Marshall Yanda Backup: Ben Grubbs

RT: Orlando Brown Backup: Jared Gaither

OLB: Terell Suggs Backup:Elvis Dumervil

ILB: Ray Lewis Backup: Jamie Sharper

ILB: Bart Scott Backup: CJ Mosely

OLB: Peter Boulware Backup: Jarett Johnson

FS: Ed Reed Backup: Eric Weddle

SS:Rod Woodson Backup: Anthony Levine

Marlon Humphrey

Humphrey in 2020

CB: Marlon Humphrey Backup: Marcus Peters

Marlon Humphrey is the best Ravens corner after six years. He isn't an elite ball hawk, but he can do his fair share when needed. Marcus Peters has the most interceptions of all active players in the league right now.

CB: Chris McAllister Backup: Ladarius Webb

Chris McAllister is the best Ravens corner. Ladarius Webb was a decent ball hawk, and you could trust him to make a play where it mattered most.

NT: Sam Adams

Adams shut down the run like no other. It's a shame the Ravens didn't have his talent for longer.

DT: Haloti Ngata

Ngata is a ravens legend, and the best Raven to ever play DT.

DT: Michael McCrary

He has the third most sacks of any Raven. He was a DE, but he had many traits of a player that could translate well into playing DT, and I think he could make the switch.

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