This is NOT a one off....Many times this season the Ravens offense has become Stagnant! O-Line is good...Love Drake n Hill, gettin Edwards back soon. Robinson playing well Duvernay is solid...

So WHY do the ravens have Quarters and Halves where they just can't score?

DEFENSE- The Pick up of JPP and LB Smith really will help them if this DC would only put pressure on the opposing QB.

This defense if used right is good enough, so it comes back to the offense!

This team with all its Talent will NOT make a far run in the Playoffs. First they will have to go in Cincinnati and beat Burrow and the Bengals for the Division. Burrow threw for 4 TD's yesterday and is a pure passer something Lamar just isn't. Lamar and the Ravens will NOT get away going quarters without scoring when playing the Elite teams in the Playoffs. Just won't happen!!!

Lamar cannot put 3 or 4 Great games together to win a SB and he definitely will NOT go into KC and win or Buffalo! Just a Fact! So, Raven Fans remember you heard it here first!

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