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Ravens vs. Panthers: Open Thread

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Cleveland Browns v Baltimore Ravens Photo by Rob Carr/Getty Images

The Ravens finally kick off in their home stadium after a month away as they take on the Carolina Panthers.

Pre-Game Reads

The inactives has been released for today’s game and fans will have to wait to see both tight end Charlie Kolar and outside linebacker David Ojabo. Many have been hoping to see Ojabo be added to an already fierce pass rush but Ravens Head Coach John Harbaugh has been a bit hesitant to say when and if he’ll play this season.

“He’s looking better and better out there, but again – and I put him in the same category with Charlie [Kolar] – they had nothing really stacked up until like two weeks ago. So, they both look really good. I think they could both play, and if we have an opportunity to put them out there, we will.”

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