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Reacts Results: Ravens fans beaming post-bye, division confidence wavering

Ravens fans exit the bye week with the same confidence

Baltimore Ravens v Carolina Panthers Photo by Chris Keane/Getty Images

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Last week, fan confidence rose to their highest levels after the Baltimore Ravens handily defeated the New Orleans Saints for their third straight victory. After the Monday night matchup, the Ravens also gained their bye week, resting key players and hopefully regaining them back the following week against the Carolina Panthers.

Now, a week later, with tight end Mark Andrews and running back Gus Edwards still limited, fans aren’t falling in their confidence. Maybe because they’re a 12.5-point favorite over the Baker Mayfield-led Panthers.

The confidence is brimming for Ravens fans, let’s check in on the confidence levels from respective AFC North franchise fans.

Cincinnati Bengals

Similar to Ravens fans, fan reaction is abhorrent for Bengals fans in wins feel astounding and a lose plummets them back to the depths of panic and chaos. Right now, back one game to the Ravens for the division, fans are relatively positive.

Cleveland Browns

It’s not been fun to be a Browns fan this season and right now things are at an all time low for their fanbase.

Pittsburgh Steelers

The Steel City fanbase appears to be accepting they are developing a young receiver and working to establish the future finally. But, will they somehow win enough games to go over .500 and keep Head Coach Mike Tomlin’s streak alive? It’s not looking so good.