First as I was watching the Green Bay game one of the commentators said I'm sure the Ravens miss Wink as the Ravens have Blown 2 Huge 2nd half leads.

The Giants 3rd down defense is one of the best in Football right now and the talent in our secondary is much better!

My Point the DC needs to be Fired! But Harbaugh won't do that. WHY, do I say that everyone says the Ravens defense just isn't aggressive, no blitzing...just sit back and keep it in front of you. Well, this isn't college Football!

As I watched the Giants Continually Pressure Rogers with Blitzes and as anyone who watches football knows that if you pressure QB's make mistakes or don't like getting hit so much!

LAMAR- Okay he has played well at times but let's be honest and look at last game against Buffalo. There were times he held the Ball way too Long! There also were times when the middle of the field was wide open, and he hesitated resulting in him getting caught from behind!

I bet if Wink was the DC the Ravens win Both those Games!!! They have lost 2 straight Home Games if they lose to the Bengals Tonight, they are in Serious Trouble, Fact.....You can Not keep losing your Home Games. We have some real tough games ahead so losing tonight will really hurt this team!

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