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Film Room: Show me the money (downs) Week 7

The premiere of a new series examining every third and fourth down play call and its execution weekly!

NFL: Cleveland Browns at Baltimore Ravens Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports

This new film series will dial in on the Ravens high leverage downs aka ‘the money downs.’ Each week we will examine the play call, alignment and execution of every single third and fourth down play. The Ravens went 9/17 on third and fourth down offensively, while holding the Browns to only 3/12.

Through seven games, Baltimore is 9th in the NFL converting 42.9% of their third downs offensively converting 35/83 which is 9th best in the league, while holding opponents to 35% defensively allowing only 28/80 attempts to convert which also ranks 9th.

Baltimore’s match/zone coverage allowed their pass rush to get home several times through both aggressive simulated pressure as well as more standard four man rushes with some stunts. The Ravens got the Browns into several third and long situations including a sequence of 3rd and 19, 3rd and 18 and 3rd and 20 on consecutive drives, which they made stops on in the second half.

Offensively, the Ravens ran the ball well in short yardage power situations and converted a few key passes to keep drives alive.