Harbaugh needs to go....Sean Peyton Please

NOT kicking the field goal to take the lead in a tight game is just a Huge Mistake....Harbaugh has forgotten the Basics and take the Points. The stop is a Huge momentum shift. Take the points and put your defense out there and Blitz sometimes....Put the Pressure on them!

Once again, the Ravens LOSE AT HOME....The new DC is a BUST and I'm sure Wink is laughing. We never seem to Blitz anymore or very rarely. Our Defense didn't play that bad, but we just are no longer aggressive!

Lamar has played Great but in this game, he held the ball Way too long at times. He also hesitated sometimes when the middle of the field was Wide open for him to run.

The Ravens will Not go far in the Playoffs if they even make it. A Team that cannot Win at Home won't go anywhere in the NFL. That is just a fact!!!

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