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Ravens vs. Bills final: Report card, grades

Another failure at home as the Baltimore Ravens fall 20-23 to the Buffalo Bills

NFL: Buffalo Bills at Baltimore Ravens Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports

For the second-straight home game, the Baltimore Ravens have blown a three-score lead this season as they fall to the Buffalo Bills, 23-20. Here are our game grades from Week 4 for the Ravens:


Quarterback: B-

Jackson made some excellent throws and extended many plays. He also threw multiple high-risk passes that could’ve been intercepted, and some that were. After an excellent first half, Jackson and the offense fell apart. He completed only eight passes for 36 yards and threw two interceptions.

Running back: B

The Bills hadn’t allowed a team to rush for more than 80 yards in their first three games. Even excluding Jackson (who put up 73 yards alone), the Ravens running backs combined for 89 yards and a touchdown. Hopefully, Justice Hill’s injury isn’t extensive.

Tight end: C+

From what I saw, Andrews did everything right. He played well and bullied the Bills’ defense. Officiating was soft and called offensive pass interference. They also refused to call any holding on him until the fourth quarter when he was being mugged. He had open routes but Jackson overthrew him multiple times.

Wide Receiver: D

The Ravens No. 1 wide receiver, Rashod Bateman, dropped three passes in this game. He did not play after his third drop with seven minutes remaining in the third quarter. These are games the Ravens are relying on from Bateman to make a play. Duvernay played solid but there just wasn’t much in this game from the receiving unit.

Offensive Line: C
Run Blocking: C+
Pass Blocking: C

This is such a hard thing to judge. The offense in the first quarter looked impressive. They bullied the Bills’ defense. They generated holes all game. They allowed only two sacks on Jackson, but they gave up many pressures. They’re dealing with a rookie Daniel Faalele playing left tackle. I think a C is fair, as it was an average game.


Defensive line: C

The push they had in Week 1 feels like last season. They’re not finding much outside of Justin Madubuike, who is getting pressure here and there but nothing consistently. Rookie Travis Jones felt invisible and they’re missing Michael Pierce.

Outside linebackers: D

No Justin Houston meant the Ravens needed a big game out of sophomore Odafe Oweh. He forced a fumble that was recovered by Marcus Williams and notched his first sack of th season. But, there was more meat left on the bone as Allen evaded him with stiff-arms and jukes. It’s been disappointing, as he has the traits of an impact pass rusher.

Inside Linebackers: F

For the second-straight week, Patrick Queen drops a surefire interception. He knows he needs those and the defense does, too. Those plays would be clear-cut difference makers and they’ve come back to haunt them.

Cornerbacks: B+

It wasn’t like the secondary allowed some insane numbers. They held wide receiver Stefon Diggs to four catches for 62 yards, and that was their leading receiver. This wasn’t on the corners. Hell, Marlon Humphrey nabbed the first-quarter interception and they held up well. Brandon Stephens received the roughing the passer penalty but it was clearly the officials babying Allen.

Safety: B

Marcus Williams secured his fourth takeaway of the year and nearly caught his fourth interception in this game. Clark had a struggle here and there but as I said, this loss wasn’t on the secondary.

Coaching: C

The playcalling was perfect in the first quarter but it felt like they ran out of ammunition. Some of it was execution and the weather, including Rashod Bateman’s three drops. Honestly, most was execution. The decision to go for it on fourth down is backed by analytics and head coach John Harbaugh’s decision makes sense.

“[If] you kick a field goal there now it’s not a three-down game anymore it’s a four-down game and you’re putting them out there, putting your defense at a disadvantage because [the Bills] have four downs to convert all the way down the field and a chance, again, to score seven [points] and then you lose the game on a touchdown,” Harbaugh said.