Authorities stumbled across a Horrific scene in a cornfield in Baltimore where they DISCOVERED DOZENS OF DEAD RAVEN BIRDIES....WHAT THE HELL HAPPENED....

I predicted many weeks ago that the Ravens would NOT win another game and after they lose to Pittsburg next week that Prediction will hold true.

I also said they would NOT make the Playoffs!

Really with Huntley they had a better chance to prove me wrong then with Lamar. Mister inaccurate and turnover Prone Lamar just isn't worth 50 Million a Year and if the Ravens give him a Huge Longterm Contract that will be the end of them for many years to come....Just a Fact!

Oh I know Raven Fans get Angry when you state the Truth along with the Facts But it's True! Ravens instead should sign Huntley and add some solid Defense especially on the D-Line and their Secondary. Time to let Smith go as he is paid way too much and is always Hurt!

The Ravens season is over and it is Time to Start planning for Next year!!!

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