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Roundtable: Reactions to Mark Andrews 4-year extension

The Beatdown team shares their thoughts on the latest news

NFL: Baltimore Ravens at Cleveland Browns Scott Galvin-USA TODAY Sports

Ravens tight end Mark Andrews and the Baltimore Ravens will be together for four more years after an extension was signed late on Monday. Below, the Baltimore Beatdown team shares their reaction to the news.

The Ravens do right by tight end Mark Andrews and sign him to a $56 million contract extension. Quite an alternative to what the Las Vegas Raiders did today, which was cut their linebacker on his birthday and then forgot to delete a scheduled tweet wishing him happy birthday. . .

Getting back on track however, this is an excellent deal for both sides from what we’ve seen thus far. Andrews gets paid what he deserves and the Ravens aren’t forced to make Andrews the highest-paid player at his position. Both sides were willing to make agreements and come to compromises and ultimately, Andrews gets his big payday and the Ravens gain four more years of a top scoring threat in the NFL. This move also further inclines quarterback Lamar Jackson to stick with the team as his favorite receiving target will be on the roster through 2025. Not that there’s any speculation of him going elsewhere, just that it makes the decision all the more easier. — Kyle Barber

When I think of the new era of Ravens football in a post Joe Flacco world, two players come to mind right: Lamar Jackson and Mark Andrews. From the second Jackson took over as the starting quarterback in November of 2018, Andrews has been there as not only a security blanket, but a bona fide weapon for the young superstar quarterback. Without Andrews rising to his current production, it’s hard to imagine Jackson reaching the heights he has up to this point. That feels weird to say, but I’m confident in my conviction that Andrews is well on his way to becoming the best tight end to ever suit up for the Ravens, and the symbiotic relationship between he and Jackson is only just getting started. Add in the fact that at $14 million per year he won’t even be the highest paid tight end in the league, I see this as a home run re-signing for Eric DeCosta and company (though in my opinion, it’s hard to mess up re-signing your great young players to begin with). — Jacob Louque

It seems like yesterday people were debating whether the Ravens could afford to keep both Andrews and two-time Pro Bowl offensive tackle Orlando Brown Jr. after the 2021 season. Thankfully, Brown Jr. eliminated himself from the conversation by requesting a trade out of Baltimore and getting dealt to the Kansas Chiefs, as it freed up Ravens General Manager Eric DeCosta to make this move. Many believed Lamar Jackson was at the top of the contract priority list and he most certainly still is, but it is nice to see the Ravens lock up his most trusted target for the seeable future. Its even nicer to see Andrews get what he deserves on his birthday of all days. — Joshua Reed