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Panthers likely off kicking market after trading for Giants K Ryan Santoso

Interesting to note they didn’t pursue Ravens kicker Jake Verity

NFL: Baltimore Ravens at Carolina Panthers Jim Dedmon-USA TODAY Sports

The Ravens will remain waiting for potential buyers of kicker Jake Verity after the Carolina Panthers traded for New York Giants kicker Ryan Santoso. The trade sends a seventh-round conditional pick to the Giants.

This move by the Panthers brings up a couple questions with regard to the Ravens/Verity. The first being whether Verity was a player the Panthers were interested in trading for.

The Ravens joined the Panthers for a week of joint practices before their Week 2 preseason exhibition, giving the Panthers ample time to scout Verity. With their kicking competition ongoing, Verity was virtually brought in for a weeks worth of a tryout, just in a different jersey. He also played in the preseason for the Ravens, knocking through a 44-yard attempt, bringing his preseason accuracy to 3-for-3 with two completions of 40+ yards, and one 53-yards. So, depending upon Verity’s kicking during joint practices, the Panthers may have conversed with the Ravens’ brass about a trade, which brings us to the second question. Were the Ravens’ willing to part with Verity for a seventh-round conditional?

The infamous Kaare Vedvik trade still echoes throughout the bowels of social media, be it from memes or substance. Either way, it felt like a significant moment across the league as the Ravens turned a backup punter/kicker into a fifth-round selection.

With such value unlikely to be received again, the Panthers may not have been interested in sending anything more than a seventh-round conditional pick, leaving the Ravens to decide if they want to part with Verity for such a low-round pick or hold onto him, hoping his value can increase with another good preseason performance.

Ravens kicker Justin Tucker said Verity is the real deal and would be ‘shocked’ if he’s not on a 53-man roster by Week 1.

“I’ll be shocked if he’s not on somebody’s 53-man roster to start the season,” Tucker said. “Jake has come in with a great attitude, great work ethic. You don’t just find your way on an NFL roster, regardless of whether it’s 90 or 53 men, without being a good football player, without being talented. Jake certainly has that. He came in with good technique already and he’s just getting better and better. He’s got great power. I’m excited to see what the future has in store for him. I know we all are.”