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PODCAST: “No Cap” with Brad Spielberger

The boys land an interview with PFF’s Brad Spielberger

What’s up everyone? We hope you all have had a great week and are ready for a Friday mega-episode as training camp has officially kicked off. With Spenny and Kyle on-site at The Castle, Baltimore Beatdown has been crushing it’s coverage of all the goings on up to this point, but it’s one of those goings on that caused us to open the show on a bit of an irritating note. Lamar Jackson has once again tested positive for COVID 19 (tacitly revealing in the process that he isn’t vaccinated), and will miss the first 10 days of camp as a result. The guys have plenty to say on that in our opening segment, and Spenny has some great insights from his on-the-grounds perspective that we also provide. After that, we have a tremendous interview (28:14) for you guys with Brad Spielberger (@PFF_Brad) from PFF, a salary cap analyst who’s an absolute expert on the business side of the NFL. In a wide ranging chat, the guys get to know Brad a little bit, get his thoughts on the evolution of the business side of football and where it stands today, what he thinks of the Ravens and how they do things, some thoughts on Lamar Jackson’s contract situation, and much, much more. We hope you guys enjoy today’s show, and that you have a great weekend - we’ll talk to you again very, very soon!




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