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‘Twas the Day Before Training Camp — A Kyle Barber Rendition


MLB: JUL 25 Nationals at Orioles Photo by Mark Goldman/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images
  1. ‘Twas the night before Training camp, when all through Mary land,
  2. Not a single fan was stirring, nor even The Band,
  3. The jerseys were hung by the trainers with care,
  4. In hopes that St. Harbaugh soon would be there;
  5. The fans were nestled in the stands on the sides,
  6. With visions of touchdown high-stepping, stride after stride,
  7. And Hollywood in his chain, and Andrews hand sign “Big Truzz,”
  8. Had settled our brains for a long season no fuss,
  9. When out on the field, there arose such applause,
  10. All fans standing in the bleachers, to see what the cause,
  11. Away to the endzone, it flew like a flash,
  12. Tore open the defense, and hauled in a deep pass,
  13. The sun overhead of the green grass so bright,
  14. Gave the lustre of scoreboard brilliance, the throw was airtight,
  15. When, what to fans wondering eyes should appear,
  16. But a new rookie class, eight Ravens first year,
  17. With a little old coach, known not to guffaw,
  18. I knew it a moment it must be Harbaugh,
  19. More rapid than trainers his coursers they came,
  20. And he whistled, and shouted, and call’d them by name:
  21. “Now! Jackson, now! Andrews, now! Bateman and Dobbins,
  22. “On! Boykin, on! Marquise on! Edwards and Watkins;
  23. “To the first down! to the endzone to score!
  24. “Now break away! break away! break away once more!”
  25. As dry leaves before the wild hurricane fly
  26. When they meet with an obstacle, mount to the sky;
  27. So up to the Castle-top, the Ravens they flew,
  28. With a sleigh full of touchdowns - and St. Harbaugh too:
  29. And then a cadence, I heard on the field,
  30. The prancing and blocking, a running lane revealed,
  31. As I wrote onto Twitter, looking upfield eyes wide,
  32. Down the field St. D’Alesandris, bellowing with pride,
  33. He was celebrating the blocks, from left tackle to right,
  34. Hollering compliments and guidance, before the line got onside,
  35. A helpful cue offered from St. Ver Steeg, to his tail back,
  36. He pointed instruction, where a defender had lapsed,
  37. Dobbins brow - how it furrowed, his tenacity a’plenty,
  38. The next play he bolted, the yards gained more than twenty,
  39. His cuts and a juke, his opponents ankles they shook,
  40. Followed instructions, as if read from a textbook,
  41. The blockers had sealed strong off to the right side,
  42. The lane opened again, blocking clearly bona fide,
  43. The run game was not the only impresser,
  44. As St. Wink’s defense boasted many successors,
  45. The coverage unit followed Jackson’s progressions each snap,
  46. And capitalized on each and every misstep,
  47. St. Wink’s defense had also tackled many for loss,
  48. He considered wearing the chain again, feeling like a boss,
  49. He spoke not a word, but went straight back to work,
  50. Watching as his defense sold the blitz like a clerk,
  51. And laying his finger aside of his nose,
  52. And giving a nod, once the snap had arose,
  53. The defense was honest, chasing Jackson so quick,
  54. Before referees whistled, their job a peacenik,
  55. But I heard ole Coach, podium mic booming on,
  56. Happy Training Camp to All, here’s where championship dreams spawn!

The Ravens Went Down to Georgia — A Kyle Barber Rendition