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Steve and Renee Bisciotti Foundation to honor Ozzie Newsome with $4 million Donation to Maryland HBCU’s

Carolina Panthers v Baltimore Ravens Photo by Larry French/Getty Images

The Baltimore Ravens have announced that owner Steve Bisciotti and his wife Renee will make a $4 million dollar donation to Maryland area Historically Black Colleges and Universities in the name of longtime team General Manager Ozzie Newsome. Newsome, the NFL’s first black GM, has been with the organization since before they came to Baltimore, and built two Championship teams since taking over the role in 1996.

Born in segregated Deep South Alabama, Newsome carved out a life for himself in pro football first as a Hall of Fame tight end in Cleveland, and with all he’s done since in executive capacities. Speaking with the team’s website, he happily accepted the honor, and is excited about what it means for these schools and the students attending them:

“I am humbled and honored that Steve and Renee Bisciotti chose to associate my name with this tremendously important scholarship,” Newsome said. “This program will give many local graduates the ability to continue their education, and in turn will equip them with the necessary tools to make meaningful impact in the Baltimore community and beyond. These students will further their education through Maryland’s historically Black colleges and universities, which is especially meaningful to me. I look forward to watching the progress made through this scholarship program.”

Bisciotti spoke about the donation as well, citing Newsome’s positive attributes as one of the many reasons why he’s happy to make it:

“The brilliance of Ozzie Newsome extends far beyond his accolades as a player and executive,” Bisciotti said. “Throughout his entire life, Ozzie has inspired and uplifted everyone around him with his leadership, humility and determination. We hope that Ozzie’s example will inspire each of the Newsome scholars.”

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