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PFF doesn’t rank QB Lamar Jackson as a Top 50 player in the NFL

How is this possible?

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Wild Card Round - Baltimore Ravens v Tennessee Titans Photo by Wesley Hitt/Getty Images

PFF has managed to not place Baltimore Ravens QB Lamar Jackson in their “PFF50.” But of their Top 50 players, they included six quarterbacks. None of them, the 2019 League MVP.

“Today, we start presenting the top 50 players in the league heading into the 2021 season,” writes Sam Monson. “The ranking below is a projection of what we think will happen and not necessarily a reaction to a spectacular or underwhelming 2020 season. Additionally, positional value is not considered here, so safeties, guards and even running backs have just as good a chance to rank highly as quarterbacks, who would dominate the list if positional value was heavily factored.”

The six quarterbacks on this list include:

  1. Patrick Mahomes (No. 2)
  2. Tom Brady (No. 7)
  3. Aaron Rodgers (No. 10)
  4. Russell Wilson (No. 22)
  5. Josh Allen (No. 40)
  6. Dak Prescott (No. 50)

While all the quarterbacks above are excellent in their own right, it’s preposterous to omit Jackson from a list such as this. Jackson is not only one of the most dynamic players in the league right now, he’s one of the most dynamic in league history. I’m not being hyperbolic, either.

Just face value stats show how incredible Jackson is. He boasts a 30-7 record as a starter. His career accuracy is 64% and he’s thrown for 68 touchdowns to only 18 interceptions. On top of his impressive passing numbers, he also shattered the single-season quarterback rushing record and over the past two seasons he’s amassed over 2,200 yards on the ground and 14 touchdowns. He’s the true definition of a dual-threat quarterback. He’s elevates everybody around him and defenses have yet to consistently contain him both as a passer and runner.

It’s one thing to underrate a player, or to rank them a bit higher than others due to perspective and beliefs. This is subjective and that’s the beauty of sports media. However, to omit Jackson from this list is appalling. Even removing “positional value” to balance the scales a bit, Jackson is one of the best players in the league. There are not 50 players better than Jackson heading into 2021.