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Kyle Barber joins the SB Nation NFL show to debate recent comments regarding Ravens QB Lamar Jackson

Last I checked, Jackson is far superior to Brandon Lee Gowton’s Eagles and Stats’ 49ers. . .

NFL: Super Bowl LIV-NFL Honors Jasen Vinlove-USA TODAY Sports

On Episode 38 of the Off Day Debrief, part of the SB Nation NFL Show, hosts Rob “Stats” Guerrera and Brandon Lee Gowton gave critical comments on Lamar Jackson. They questioned his postseason ability, whether the Baltimore Ravens should re-sign the former League MVP if he doesn’t win a playoff game this upcoming season and more.

  • “We haven’t seen the playoff success from Lamar. Quite the opposite. Not good at all. That’s not a revelation.”
  • “It comes to a point, after this year, where what we said at the the top of this show, you’re either all-in or all-out. You either pay him before next season, or then you don’t.”
  • “I agree on Lamar. You maybe have the most specific
  • “Should they give Lamar Jackson a contract extension this season if he does not win a playoff game? I don’t think they can do it.. I don’t know how you can do it at that point. It’s tough. It would be very weird to me to give him that contract when we’re just not seeing that postseason success.”
  • “The fastest way to get bad in the NFL is to give a big-money contract to a quarterback that does not play up to the level of that contract. Think the Baltimore Ravens with Joe Flacco.”
  • “I can find another quarterback, I think, that can get us to the playoffs fairly consistently. What you’re looking for is a guy to get you over the top.”

The last quote above sparked my frustration enough to call out the hosts on Twitter.

Fifteen minutes later, a response. I’m joining the show.

The episode featuring my response and counter-argument is now live. The discussion begins at 10:46 of the Off Day Debrief #39: Where will Julio go + Best bet for Coach of the Year + defending Lamar Jackson.