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Lamar Jackson ranked No. 2 in PFF’s “Top-25 players under 25” list

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NFL: Baltimore Ravens OTA Scott Taetsch-USA TODAY Sports

Earlier this week, Sam Monson released Pro Football Focus’ ranking of the Top 25 NFL players under the age of 25. In this same article last year, the Ravens were well-represented with three ranked players: Lamar Jackson (8), Marlon Humphrey (13), and Mark Andrews (24).

All three of this trio are still under the age of 25 today but on this year’s edition, Jackson is the lone Ravens’ player present. After coming at in at No. 8 in 2020, though, Jackson ranks second on the list this time around.

“A year removed from his MVP season, Jackson is a fantastic example of how quarterback development isn’t always just a neat curve in the right direction,” Monson wrote. “Jackson was still good in 2020, and he actually recorded a higher big-time throw rate than he did throughout his MVP campaign.”

Monson also noted that between 2020 and 2021, Jackson’s touchdown percentage dropped from 7.7% to 5.5%. Also, his rate of turnover-worthy plays doubled to the tune of 3.6%. Some regression from his MVP season was inevitable, though, and Jackson is still well-deserving of the No. 2 spot on this Top-25 list.

“Jackson is still a dynamic playmaker who likely splits the difference between those two seasons in 2021,” said Monson.

The only player ahead of Jackson on the list is 49ers’ linebacker Fred Warner, who Monson gifted the top overall spot. Warner is a terrific young talent in his own right, but perhaps it’s a bit surprising to see him ranked ahead of Jackson given the position each of them play (quarterback vs. linebacker).

Directly behind Jackson in the Top-5 are WR A.J. Brown, EDGE Nick Bosa and CB Jaire Alexander. Only two other quarterbacks crack the rankings: Arizona’s Kyler Murray at No. 15 and Los Angeles’ Justin Herbert at No. 18. Josh Allen would surely be listed near the top of the list, too, had he not just turned 25 years old last month.

It’s not worthwhile to put too much stock into into articles such as these, it goes to show that Jackson is still receiving his flowers from the national media — and deservedly so. It also serves as reminder that for as good as he is and for as much as he’s accomplished in the NFL thus far, Jackson is still quite young.

While this will be the last appearance he makes on the annual PFF Top-25 under 25 list, Jackson doesn’t turn 25 until January. Both the future and present are bright for the unanimous MVP.