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Harbaugh: Rashod Bateman “as advertised” through two minicamp practices

NFL: Baltimore Ravens Rookie Minicamp Mitchell Layton-USA TODAY Sports

The Ravens’ rookie minicamp kicked off on Friday. The team’s seven drafted rookies and a handful of undrafted free agents arrived to the facility to begin the first on-field set of activities of the offseason. It’s an exciting time to get our first look at the Ravens’ 2021 rookie class.

All eyes are of course on WR Rashod Bateman, the first of the Ravens’ two first-round selections from this year’s draft. Following Day 2 of minicamp on Saturday, HC John Harbaugh was asked for his first impressions of Bateman thus far in the post-practice press conference. He offered a ringing endorsement —

“First impressions are very positive,” Harbaugh said. “He’s a no-nonsense guy. He has a nice demeanor about him. He’s a quick learner. Everything we thought he’d be in terms of the athleticism and skill set . . . I would say he’s as advertised from a talent standpoint.”

This doesn’t come as a huge surprise but is encouraging nonetheless. Harbaugh also noted that sometimes “what you see isn’t what you get”, meaning first impressions of a rookie can be underwhelming compared to expectations. Fortunately, this of course is not the case with Bateman.

We got our first look at him running routes during Saturday’s practice. The footage backs up Harbaugh’s comments, as Bateman looks plenty comfortable and crisp. Clips like these are sure to delight the fanbase —

It’s premature to put too much stock into videos like these given the setting (no defense, no pads). Also, it’s still just the second day of rookie minicamp. Even so, it’s definitely exciting to see Bateman in action for the first time in a Ravens uniform.

There is a lot of buzz and excitement surrounding Bateman’s rookie season already, and the hype only figures to gain steam from here on out. Expect to see plenty more routes and catches like the ones above in the coming weeks and months.